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Why do we do this?

To help the kids get a great start on their education!

In today’s world, a college education will help any kid have a brighter future. The education of our youth is imperative now more than ever before. Additionally many kids who graduate High School want to or expect to go to college, but unfortunately some of these kids are not able to due to the rising cost of today’s college education.

It is advisable to have any potential graduate apply for any type of scholarships that they are eligable for, but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be a bit of fun along the way! Perhaps getting them to participate in a Kids Fishing and Education Fishing Rodeo will open their eyes to the possiblities of a different type of scholarship, scholarships that are not based solely on academic performance. This one opportunity may encourage them enough them to stay in school, stay out of trouble and work hard for a college degree.

Education is so imporatant and expensive these days, but participating or sponsoring a Kids Fishing and Education event can brighen the future of our youngsters and help lighten the load of the college tuition.


What’s in it for you?Kids Fishing and Education was founded to help kids get a start on their college education while having fun fishing. But don’t think that the kids are the only ones having fun out there on the water! Teaming up with kids can be so much fun that you may act like a kid yourself. Sponsoring or particpating in an fun event like this and seeing all the kid’s smiles may make you grin ear to ear.

This is a great opportunity to introduce kids to fishing, spend some time outside and let you and your kids get to know other anglers (both young and old).

Donate to a great cause for the Kids

If you are interested in sponsoring a Kids Fishing and Education event, please contact us!

Orginzational Contact:

Emily Stocking – Director – email | Cell: 660-351-1189

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